Congrats to all of the winners of The Best of 604

Last night we had the first of what I know will be many Best of 604 galas. It is safe to say if you are involved in social media, in town, and not sick you were there at The Cellar last night.

The winners from last night were the cream of the crop, but honestly the big winners are all of us.


The community came together and had a blast. The hum of conversation was constant. I think I heard “Oh! You’re… Great to finally meet you in person…” hundreds of times during the evening.

People were genuinely glad, happy, and excited to get together and meet.

Rebecca, you did something so awesome, that you deserve and award.

Next year I’m sure it will be bigger, better, and also become the official blogger Christmas party of the year.

On a more selfish note, Media2o gave away a $2500 studio package and my good friend Monica Hamburg won the prize! I hear she is going to give it to her partner Chris, but maybe we can convince Monica do to something for Connected Life in the future.

In true social media form, here is a Flickr slideshow of all the pics tagged “bestof604″ … enjoy!



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