Writing, Posting, and Administering WordPress from iOS


Update Sept 4th: I added links to the core apps that I use on my iPad for writing. If you want to leave your laptop at home and just wander with your iPad, that’s cool. I’ve written a lot about doing that. In fact I’ve written a day’s worth of posts on my iPad while […]

My slides for Macs At Work (in a PC world)

Last night I gave my (very short—maybe too short) talk on using Macs at Work to the Canadian Women in Communications meeting. I was inspired to try my hand at drawing my slides for the talk (I did this once actually for Northern Voice a couple years ago) using the iPad app Paper by FiftyThree (I got […]

Of course Macs and PCs can get along! I’ll tell you how

I just confirmed that I’ll be giving short sessions on how to use your Mac or iPad or iPhone at work when work is using Windows at the Canadian Women in Communications tech fair coming up May 1st—info here: CWC-AFC. While each session is only going to be about 15 or 20 minutes, I won’t be […]

Catch Me at the Social Media Week Blogging Summit

The Blogging Summit » Social Media Week

Social Media Week is, as expected, coming to (celebrated in?) Vancouver September 19th–23rd and recently organizer Shane Gibson sent out an email asking some Vancouver bloggers if they would participate in the Blogging Summit portion of the week on Monday morning. Well, not that I’m a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, I still wanted […]

Please nominate me to speak at TEDxUBC

I know many of you have heard of the TED conference as well as the offshoot TEDx conferences. This October TEDxUBC is happening and the theme is right up my alley: “The iGeneration will expect instant responses from parents, teachers and everyone else… they will never be off the grid.” Children of Cyberspace. Old fogies […]