Cineplex Timeplay: Second Screen Comes to the Movies

Looks like the days of putting your phone away when you get the movies are drawing to a close. Well, sorta. Cineplex is rolling out Timeplay to select theatres and I get to try it out this week (and see Skyfall again, which is awesome).

The deal is this:

Download an app to your phone (iOS, Andriod, and even Blackberry) and then you can play interactive games with the audience before the movie starts.

So, yeah, you still have to put your phone away for the movie, but…

I’m betting that that will be drawing to a close too. I think the second screen that we enjoy at home with shows and movie could come to a theatre near you.

Yeah, frought with problems and peril that one. Sure, getting details about the movie while you’re watching it would be fun, but of course someone is going to have their ringer on or sound on so you hear all the clicks, taps, and beep.

Still…it would be fun.

Want to join me? Looks like I’ll have a couple extra tickets to share with folks…

Gee, anyone interested?


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