Change is afoot & bad habits are coming

I’ve been asked how I get ideas for posts or work through book chapters or any other creative solution I’ve come up with—and I’ve come up with some great ones—in the past. Well, it might be considered a bad habit, but it works for me almost every time—I take naps. When I’m flummoxed, frustrated, stuck, and often then also groggy, grumpy, and out of it, I set my iPhone time to 30 minutes, lie down, and take a nap.

I relax, let my, mind wander, and often just before I drowse off to sleep, the idea comes to me. When I wake up I feel refreshed and motivated and ready to rock it.

Funny thing, what is often a bad habit, actually turns out to have a positive side too. Hence this article:

Today I’m going to talk about 7 “bad” habits that crop up a lot in successful people.

You may not want to actually adopt all of these habits and traits. But if you have one or two (or more) of them, you can probably stop using that as an excuse for not trying to create something epic.

And who knows, we just might convince you to be a little more distractible, greedy, or arrogant.

via The 7 Bad Habits of Insanely Productive People | Copyblogger.

Sure there is a time to be humble (accepting the Nobel Prize, a Pulitzer, an Oscar), but the rest of the time I’m thinking a little self-aggrandizing arrogance couldn’t hurt. Cause, you know, I write some darn good stuff. People like to read it. Heck, I even like to read most of what I write.

Money? Yeah I like money. Oh and, dammit, I’m worth money.


Oh hey, yeah, I went out for a coffee. I’m back now. I had a great idea.

Regardless, you get the point. Oh and I didn’t go out to coffee in the middle of the post…but I’m going to now.

And yeah, that idea will come soon enough…


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    Have read a number of articles that make good arguments for napping being beneficial to physical and mental health. So perhaps not such a bad habit. Cheers!

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