C6 Magnefix Is a Clever Stylish Case for Your iPad Mini

Just after I received the Snugg case to review, I was asked if I would review another iPad mini case! You all know that I have several guilty pleasures—iPad cases, bags, pencils, and fountain pens—so when someone offers me a chance to try out a cool looking iPad case, you know I’ll jump on that right away. The C6 Magnefix is a new entry on this side of the pond, but I think it might be exactly the case a lot of you are looking for. The Magnefix is slim, stylish, and sports the easiest case stand I’ve ever seen.

Just Slide the Cover Along and Ta-Da!

The coolest thing about the case is its smart cover. Sure it works, as expected, that when you close the cover it locks your iPad screen, but it’s what it does to make the stand that’s really clever. Instead of a slot or rolling up into a triangle, the same tab that activates the smart magnets on the screen match with magnets on the back of the case and when they match up…boom a stand. All I have to do to make the stand is open the case, slide the cover along the back until the magnets catch and done. Let me show you:



Brilliant right? The case is stable and convenient. The color accents are nice (I don’t usually go for cases with colors) and subtle.

Great, But Not Perfect

So this case isn’t without some minor flaws. The case is designed to really protect your iPad—which is much appreciated—but as a trade off the side switch is a wee hard for me to get to with my über short fingernails. The volume buttons…not a problem…just the switch. The Lightning connector port is a snug fit, but it works fine.

Solid Protection, Unique Cover

In spite of the (minor) issue with the side switch (which, honestly, I don’t use terrible often), I really like the case. It’s comfortable to hold, stands well, and protects my iPad nicely. I haven’t seen the case around these parts…but I’m expecting that it will cost about $40 (ish) in stores. If you’re looking for a stylish, compact case that also does a great job at holding your iPad up…I’d check out this case.


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