Welcome to WordPress 3.4 “Green”

Dig it. I’ve been running 3.4 here since the first release candidate and had no issues. So I expect most folks will find the same, of course if you’re not sure ping your friendly neighborhood WP geek for help. WordPress 3.4 release post.   @trishussey Love the new inline editing of WP 3.4. Moving into #concrete5 and […]

Updating Editions—What did I miss the first time?

Photo Jun 13, 1 09 29 PM

Here I thought that being asked to write a book (or three) was pretty cool. Nope, turns out being asked to update them for a second edition is better. If the book was a flop, then the publisher wouldn’t want to spend any more time or money on it, but if it does pretty well, […]

Want to learn WordPress? Learn with me at BCIT!

Well timed that it is with the soon-to-be-released Using WordPress, I’m teaching a pair of classes on consecutive Monday evenings through BCIT. The first is Monday Sept 13th—BCIT : : MDIA 0101 – WordPress.com for beginners 1—and is suitable for beginners, followed by Monday Sept 20th—BCIT : : MDIA 0102 – WordPress.com for beginners 2—which […]

WordPress, Thesis, GPL, and premium themes

Almost two years ago I started doing a lot more with WordPress than I had before and I found that buying premium themes would save me time and effort. In short order I bought developers licenses for both Thesis (DIYThemes) and StudioPress. I launched good few sites using themes from both foundries and used Thesis […]