Welcome to WordPress 3.4 “Green”

Dig it. I’ve been running 3.4 here since the first release candidate and had no issues. So I expect most folks will find the same, of course if you’re not sure ping your friendly neighborhood WP geek for help. WordPress 3.4 release post.   @trishussey Love the new inline editing of WP 3.4. Moving into #concrete5 and […]

Getting fired up about WP 3.4

A new version of WP is on the way! WordPress 3.4 has hit the critical Release Candidate stage which means that the somewhat faint of heart can try it with the help of the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (which is how I do it for this site). From the looks of things, Catherine and I will have […]

Tapping volume up and volume down…

Doesn’t help get the words flowing for the next chapter. But maybe this blog post will. Like the new header images? Yeah you’ll see those again as figures in Teach Yourself WP Templates… Amazing how taking a few pictures, editing in Aperture and Acorn, then uploading to a WordPress site can be called “work…”, and […]