Using Foursquare in for business? I want to hear your story!

The chapters of Teach Yourself Foursquare are all coming together. I really only have one more chapter left to write—Foursquare for Business—and this is where I need your help. I need your stories of using Foursquare for business. I would especially like to chat with the folks at Bravo, Zagats, TLC, VH1/MTV, and other companies […]

Foursquare’s Answer to Getting More Users: Facebook Places

When Facebook Places launched, I think many people expected the rest of location-based games and services to just wither on the vine. Turns out that Foursquare has been seen record-setting signups since Places hit the scene—Foursquare celebrates four consecutive days of record signups—which I don’t find too surprising since everything I’ve seen of Places (still […]

Facebook Places might become the best aggregator for locations

We can stop wondering and waiting, Facebook Places was announced yesterday (after much waiting, I must say). I was relieved to see Foursquare was there. Sure I don’t think they looked happy about it. Something like the king or queen requesting your presence at an announcement of how much you’ll now be taxed as a […]

Scrivener: Making Better Software By Being Clear On What It Isn’t

There is no hiding the fact that I love using Scrivener from Literature & Latte for writing. Sure, I know I’m probably only tapping into a 1/10th of its power (I don’t use labels or status and barely use the document notes), but still Scrivener is just how I get my writing done. We Scrivener […]

The Pomodoro Technique: Well Darn It I Like It

I admit it, I have tried and failed at various “work better” “getting things done” whatever systems for years now. You all know that I’m often rather scatter-brained and a tad forgetful. I’m just a tweed jacket and pipe away from absent-minded professor. I still try to keep things organized. No, my office is still […]