Learn how to make better videos for your website


This past weekend’s WordPress class went very well, nearly full class and the new approach hit the mark. Next up on February 2nd is my podcasting and video blogging class and like last week’s WordPress class, I’m taking a new approach to the whole class. As much as I love podcasting (that is audio only), […]

Cineplex Timeplay: Second Screen Comes to the Movies

Looks like the days of putting your phone away when you get the movies are drawing to a close. Well, sorta. Cineplex is rolling out Timeplay to select theatres and I get to try it out this week (and see Skyfall again, which is awesome). The deal is this: Download an app to your phone […]

California Sounding the Death Knell of the Printed Textbook?

You know I’m a fan of ebooks. I rarely buy or accept or pick up paper books any longer. If a book is important to me, I’d rather be able to have it at my finger tips all the time (especially reference material). So Between Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks I have have pretty impressive library on […]

Death Wardens: Susan, Part 1

“This is Susan…” Gabe and I are sitting a our favorite coffee place. A little out-of-the way cafe close to a small park. Great espresso—local legend tells that Starbucks tried to buy the recipe, but the owner wouldn't sell—decent (and secure) WiFi, good couches. Everything an assassin and his handler need to chat about the […]

Death Wardens Part 2: Logistics

Intro note. Yes, “Bob” is not the best character name for a guy who is an assassin for God. So “Bob” is now “Connor Murphy”. Thanks to MCPunk on Twitter for poking me to change the name. And now for part 2… It’s not easy being dead. I mean, sure I don’t have to worry about eating if […]