Observe, Learn, Adapt, Flourish–All Publishing is at a turning point

I don’t buy terribly many books anymore, or magazines, and certainly not newspapers. A bit of an ironic statement from someone who’s first book comes out in January, but I don’t equate publishing with paper. I assume that my books will have more life in digital editions than in paper ones. I’ve been writing in […]

My teachers were right, outlines help, but maybe not how I was taught


Remember those days in high school when you were learning how to write term papers? My very well-meaning teachers tried to get us to use notecards and create outlines, anything to help us write better organized papers with the correct citation in the bibliography. And I hated and chafed at every, single moment of it. […]

Lately on Techplanations: Headset Contest, Gifts for Geeks, Basic computer fixes, and Telelympics Part 1


Things have been pretty active over on my Vancouver Observer column, Techplanations. WIth the holidays coming up I had to cover gift ideas for geeks: Getting Great Gifts for Geeks and since we all need to stop talking on our cellphones while starting in BC starting in January I have a review of some Motorola […]

Would you like to have my books on paper, e-ink, or both? New Challenges for Writers & Publishers

With my first book coming out in January, I’ve been watching the eReader space for more than just gadget lust: I want to make sure I can keep writing books. Sure I can just write away and maybe self-publish the work, but you know I’d like to make a living at least in part, through […]

Just a little more consolidation: Daddy still wears slippers to work

About three years ago I decided to write a book. No, not that book, a book all about telecommunting. I had been working from home for over three years by that point (this February will make 10 years) and I thought I would write a book about it. Well three years on and no telecommuting […]