Would you buy a book on how to be a successful telecommuter?


I was inspired by a post today—How to Hit Rock Bottom and Come Back a Business Owner—and it’s put me at a bit of a crossroads of sorts. Right now I’m hemming and hawing about the choice to make, so I’m turning to you all for some insight. I’ve got three books under my belt […]

It isn’t starting a book that’s hard, it’s continuing to write it


Book Three is starting to gel, but it’s been a tough few nights of writing to get to this place. See, I don’t find starting a book hard, it’s after I have the first 2 or 3 chapters written that I hit a wall. It’s at that very moment when I tend to step back […]

4 Reasons I Enjoy Writing Books & Why I’ll Keep Doing It

Over the weekend my friend Derek Miller asked me (and several other authors he knows): If you’ve published a book, why, and how’d it go? which isn’t an unusual question for authors. I sometimes I wonder when people ask me “so how did you start writing books?” is a veiled “so how did any publisher […]

Hide in the office (or work at home) and get more done

I’m not a huge fan of working in offices anymore. Not only am I rather out of practice (only one year in the past 10 have I gone into an “office” everyday), but I find them one of the biggest anti-workplaces I know. I enjoy writing and working in a coffee shop more than an […]

I’m looking forward to reading my books on the iPad and so should you

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m pschyed about the iPad. No, it isn’t perfect. Yep there are some obvious flaws (lack of USB port or SD card reader are big ones for me), but I’m excited about how this will change how we use computers. I remember I wasn’t too keen on the iPhone at first, […]