Learn how to make better videos for your website


This past weekend’s WordPress class went very well, nearly full class and the new approach hit the mark. Next up on February 2nd is my podcasting and video blogging class and like last week’s WordPress class, I’m taking a new approach to the whole class. As much as I love podcasting (that is audio only), […]

Solid Option for Portable Podcasting: iRig Mic and iRig Recorder for iOS

iRig iKilp

Sure the Blue Snowball is great. Yeah the Blue Yeti kicks it up a notch. The thing is that neither of those mics are what you’d call “portable”. So if you want to do recording on the go; you’re going with a lot of great to tote around. On the other hand, if you have […]

Back at podcasting: check out PrivacyNowRadio

Yeah you can’t keep me from podcasting for long. No matter what I usually come back to it eventually. As the Community Manager for eCrypt Technologies having a weekly podcast wrapping up the privacy/security/hacking news of the week just seemed like a good idea. So I started doing it. Good thing the boss agreed with […]

Podcasting 101–The 2010 edition


This morning I had the wonderful privilege to be on Donna Maria’s awesome Indie Business Radio show and when we got to talking about podcasting I said that it was about time I wrote an updated Podcasting 101 post and thus… I started podcasting about a year after I started blogging. My “Walk About Podcasts” […]

WordPress 2.9 is out and this is solid update to upgrade to now


This afternoon WordPress 2.9 went from Release Candidate to just plain old released and, yeah this is a good one. I’ve been using 2.9 in it’s early beta incarnations for months now and have been quite happy with it. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in speed or stability, but then again I’m not benchmarking […]