Solid Option for Portable Podcasting: iRig Mic and iRig Recorder for iOS

iRig iKilp

Sure the Blue Snowball is great. Yeah the Blue Yeti kicks it up a notch. The thing is that neither of those mics are what you’d call “portable”. So if you want to do recording on the go; you’re going with a lot of great to tote around. On the other hand, if you have […]

Back at podcasting: check out PrivacyNowRadio

Yeah you can’t keep me from podcasting for long. No matter what I usually come back to it eventually. As the Community Manager for eCrypt Technologies having a weekly podcast wrapping up the privacy/security/hacking news of the week just seemed like a good idea. So I started doing it. Good thing the boss agreed with […]

Podcasting 101–The 2010 edition


This morning I had the wonderful privilege to be on Donna Maria’s awesome Indie Business Radio show and when we got to talking about podcasting I said that it was about time I wrote an updated Podcasting 101 post and thus… I started podcasting about a year after I started blogging. My “Walk About Podcasts” […]

WordPress 2.9 is out and this is solid update to upgrade to now


This afternoon WordPress 2.9 went from Release Candidate to just plain old released and, yeah this is a good one. I’ve been using 2.9 in it’s early beta incarnations for months now and have been quite happy with it. I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in speed or stability, but then again I’m not benchmarking […]