Trying Blogsy For The IPad

Could this be the missing editor for the IPad? Maybe. Still playing with it, but there is potential here. The key will be how easy it is to use and learn day to day.

Boing Boing Confirms: You Can’t Please Everyone When It Comes to Comments

Close on the heels of my commentary on Daring Fireball’s commenting brouhaha—Without Comments, A Site Is…—Boing Boing has their take on it. In addition to their solid arguments (I’d say they fall into the “it’s your blog, do what you want” camp) they make this point: We accept comments at BoingBoing and publish them automatically, […]

Without Comments, A Site Is…

One of the most common questions I’m asked about blogs and blogging is how to manage comments. My stance has always been that it’s your living room, so your rules apply. I haven’t really thought about not having comments at all. Sure, I have comments turned off on my About pages and such. I don’t […]

Holy crap, I haven’t posted in a week! Do I suck as a blogger?

I guess I’ve been busy lately. Haven’t been posting (or tweeting) much, at least publicly. So does this mean that I suck as a blogger? One of the most common questions I’m asked when I’m talking about or teaching blogging is “How often should I post?” It’s easy to answer with a smug “As much […]

Is there a perfect blog editor? Does anyone care if there is?


Very soon after I started blogging, I started using a blog editor to power up my blogging (and prevent the “aiiigghhh I lost my connection and my post!!!!” which was very common at conferences, still is actually). In those days I was using Qumana for the most part, which makes sense since I was a […]