Ditching FeedBurner: Update your feed settings


I feel like this is stripping away the last vestiges of “Web 2.0” from this site, but I decided (while writing about RSS for WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide) that it’s time that I just cut the cord and get away from FeedBurner. It was awesome while RSS was in its heyday, but now…I don’t need […]

HootSuite Isn’t a Social Media Dashboard


I’ve been a fan of HootSuite for years (the fact that they are also in Vancouver and lots of my friends work there is purely secondary). They quickly replaced TweetDeck as my Twitter dashboard of choice and if I’m advising clients on how to manage and update their social media profiles—HootSuite is the first (and […]

Feedly Pro open to all: I’m buying, how about you?


  Since Google Reader’s demise lots of people were left foundering around looking for a replacement. I had known about (and used) Feedly for years so when they said they aimed to become the de facto Google Reader replacement I was game. Given the added burden of thousands of new users, the folks at Feedly […]

Evernote, IFTTT, Automatic Posts, and the Link Blog

Remember way back when, back when most of us had a link blog of some sort? Scoble’s link blog—this was before TechCrunch btw—could launch a simple post or company into the stratosphere of cool. Somehow we’ve lost that link saving-sharing habit. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other awesome tools for sharing cool stuff we find […]

Google Reader is more about readers, the people, than readers, the apps

I originally posted this on Google+, but seeing how long it was and that I wanted to make sure it would stick around, I’m cross posting it here as well (irony, duly noted). As reference, this is the original post by Boris Mann on Google+ talking about Brent Simmons’ post and my post on Google+. […]