The Continued Relevance of Blogging Is In the Stories We Tell

Darren Rowse—long-time friend and fellow pro blogger—wrote about the 6 reasons blogging is still relevant in today’s social media filled world and while he’s bang on with his reasons he missed the most important one of all: people still like reading stories. It’s about the stories we tell Here are Darren’s six reasons for blogging’s […]

An iPad with a keyboard is like a Prairie Schooner


Peter Cohen digs his iPad, but maybe not as much as I do. Peter feels that an iPad with a keyboard is like a car with a sail—You’re doing it wrong, or why using an iPad keyboard is like attaching a sail to your car—while I think, no, know that and iPad with a keyboard […]

Why is it still so hard to review and edit blog posts?

In my short time at SoMedia, I was thrown back into a curious place that I hadn’t been to an a long, long time—people needed to review and edit my posts before they went live. I’m not saying that my writing is flawless (ha!) nor that it never needs a little polish, but in this […]