Auctioning off a hand-knit Jayne Cobb-style hat for charity

Okay Firefly fans, ever wanted your very own hand knit Jayne Cobb-style hat of you’re very own (if you don’t know what I’m talking about this Google search will do), now’s your chance. As a bonus, the money you spend for this hat will go to charity. All of it. Every penny.

I’ve wanted a Jayne hat for years. Yeah I got into the Firefly party late, but I made it so having a Jayne hat to keep my ears and head toasty on chilly Vancouver mornings has been on my wish list for a while. This year I finally found a decent one that my family could find and buy online (regardless of geography), but since my wife Sheila is an epicly awesome knitter…she decided to just knit me one herself.

Just like Jayne’s mom.

Sheila went to the yarn store and got a lot of wool for the hat. No, maybe not in the exact colors, but I frankly like them better than the original. Oh and what kind of wool is it? Alpaca. Soft, warm alpaca. This is the kind of wool that just snuggles your head in toastiness.

After Sheila finished my hat…

2013-10-26 12.19.07

She had enough wool left over for another hat! So we decided that she would make another hat and auction the hat off to charity. I have a personal connection to food banks and toys for tots, so the person with the top bit will get to choose either the Vancouver Food Bank or Toys for Tots (in Vancouver) get the donation in their name.

The second hat is a touch smaller than mine (I like my toques loose), so it should fit most adult heads.

2013-10-28 11.14.45

How is this going to work? You need to leave bids on this post (I’ll post on Facebook, but the arbiter of bids will be here). The bidding opens at $20 (the mass produced version on Think Geek is $25) and will close Friday November 1st, 8PM PT. If you’re outside of Vancouver, we can talk about shipping and such on a sidebar (that is if you win!).

Okay folks…start your bidding!


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