Change is afoot & bad habits are coming

I’ve been asked how I get ideas for posts or work through book chapters or any other creative solution I’ve come up with—and I’ve come up with some great ones—in the past. Well, it might be considered a bad habit, but it works for me almost every time—I take naps. When I’m flummoxed, frustrated, stuck, and […]

No more Rogers Video Stores..

And people wonder why Apple is distancing itself from apps like iDVD? Rogers has officially bailed on the video store business. via Rogers exits video store business – Canada – CBC News. The era of the DVD is coming to a close. Share with friends:

Been Quiet Around Here…

Yeah I know it’s been quiet around here of late. The Next Web took a lot of my focus, time and energy for the past few months. Sometimes…things just don’t work out the way you planned. So I’ll be catching up here now. Share with friends: