An iPad with a keyboard is like a Prairie Schooner


Peter Cohen digs his iPad, but maybe not as much as I do. Peter feels that an iPad with a keyboard is like a car with a sail—You’re doing it wrong, or why using an iPad keyboard is like attaching a sail to your car—while I think, no, know that and iPad with a keyboard […]

Let’s get back to Word 5.1

Microsoft is getting a new CEO and whoever that is, that person is going to have a herculean task ahead of changing Microsoft so it can really compete in today’s new software market. BGR gives this blunt assessment: Asymco’s Horace Dediu on Tuesday wrote quite bluntly that “the problem for Microsoft” is that “you can’t […]

Feedly Pro open to all: I’m buying, how about you?


  Since Google Reader’s demise lots of people were left foundering around looking for a replacement. I had known about (and used) Feedly for years so when they said they aimed to become the de facto Google Reader replacement I was game. Given the added burden of thousands of new users, the folks at Feedly […]

Blogging With Your iPad: A Basic How-To

2012-10-16 14.56.36-1-FSimage

You have an iPad. You’re surfing, you read and answer emails, read books, play games, watch movies, post to your blog… Wait, what? Post to my blog? No way! That’s way to hard. The apps don’t work well, and how, pray tell, do I deal with images? Huh, mister smarty pants professional blogger…oh right. While […]

Google Buying QuickOffice is the Death Knell for Microsoft

Office for Android, iPad, iPhone & Symbian » Quickoffice

That’s it, Microsoft you’re now toast. An also-ran. The writing is on the wall. Ship has sailed… Okay you get the idea. Why am I making this pronouncement? Because Google just scooped up QuickOffice which now renders Microsoft nearly (nearly) irrelevant in regards to its core product—MS Office. Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to […]