And we begin, Blogger Night at the Opera: Rigoletto commences

We’re all in the house now. Miranda is happily snapping away while the rest of us type our first posts. Well, this is my second of course.

Had a quick break for a tour backstage with Tom Wright Dir. of Artistic Planning as our guide.

After hearing about the sets for weeks now, and surviving my third tech week hell (I don’t know how the performers last if the partners are so stressed), it’s great to see it for myself.

This is not your grandmother’s opera set for sure. Bars, grates, a trapeze…yeah not something stuffy or traditional for this crowd.


Regardless, I’ll be able to wax more poetic once I’ve been inspired by the opera itself.

As an added plus for Sheila is that her mom is here and just swung by our table for a chat.

Oh what is Rigoletto about? It’s the standard opera fare: treachery, lust, love, deceit, betrayal, love, and death. Pretty much just like life, eh? This is why they are so timeless.

Now, what will tonight hold? Will I be just as enthralled as I was for Eugene Onegin and Carmen?

I’m pretty sure I will be.

Oh and don’t forget, get your tickets fast! You want to have great seats for this! Head over to Vancouver Opera! Now!

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