And now…The SoMedia Chapter Begins

A week ago, I announced that I was leaving iPhoneHacks as the Editor-in-Chief. To say this threw me into a bit of a tumult would be an understatement. It might not have been a perfect job, but it was a job that paid the bills and allowed me to write full time. It’s never a nice feeling to have the world up ended on you.

Well, my world wasn’t topsey-turvey for very long.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be joining SoMedia Networks as the Social Media and Communications Manager.

Yes, tomorrow.

Yes, I just wrote my last post on today.

It was all very fast, but it’s also a great story about not closing doors and keeping connected on social media.

See, I interviewed at SoMedia a while ago, over a year ago for sure. I had a great interview with the CEO and thought what they were doing was really, really cool, but…

I wasn’t right for the job I was interviewing for.

So when the CEO asked to connect on LinkedIn, I pushed aside any thoughts of “why connect with someone who just said you weren’t right for the job” and connected. Why? I had a great chat and interview with the CEO and I thought we connected really well. He wanted to keep things open and possible for the future. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Good thing I did connect with him, because when I wrote last week that I was leaving iPhoneHacks, that same CEO read my post on LinkedIn and emailed me. It happened that right now is the right time for me to join SoMedia to work on blogging, social media, and some really, really cool things that…well…you’ll have to wait to find out.

I am very excited about this new job. Back in an office (with Nerf guns galore) with some really cool folks and not to mention my commute to work is only three blocks.

You’ll hear more about this job, what I’m doing, and some of the things that are going on in due course.

Until then, I have to pick a coffee mug to take with me tomorrow morning.



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