A View from the Isle Podcast: Customer service

Ads by AdGenta.comFinally, I've gotten around to doing a podcast from here on beautiful Pender Island.? Today it's customer service.? In the past week I've had some great tech support/customer service and some less than great.

I didn't start off with an idea for today, but I got into my Vonage sucks rant and it just went from there. I noticed when listening to the finished podcast that I say "you know" a lot.? I gotta stop that.? Yikes.

Regardless I've got two ways for you to listen to this little ditty. First is via Pixpo.? They are a Victoria, BC company that announced at Mesh that they got a large chunk of funding and offers an interesting way to share media.? The podcast is still on my little old machine and will be served from there.? So, yes, if my machine is off or just offline … you aren't going to hear it.? I leave it on a lot so … let's give this a shot:

Check out my Live PiXPO Broadcast…

The next way is via the P2P caching service/tool called Red Swoosh.? So in this case the file is up on the server (therefore available 24/7), but the link passes through Red Swoosh.? So if you have IE you can install the plugin and you'll get the file and then become a peer for other people downloading.? If you don't want to or can't install it, no problem, it will be served straight from my server.

Swooshed version (a 13.5 meg MP3 file).

Let me know what you think of each way.? Love to get some feedback.

And for the links … check out ClickTracks for web metrics.? I think they have a pretty skookum product.? Intro music, as always, is by Sarah Harmer and outro from the Wired.com podsafe music collection.

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